About Cat

My name is Cat Martin, and I’m a certified CNA. I’ve been looking after the elderly and dying for 35 years so far (with some time off to train as a Florist, and earn a degree in Craft & Jewelry Design), and cherishing and helping the dying has long been what I most wish to do.

I’m passionate about home-based healthcare, although I’ve got experience in other healthcare environments, such as hospitals, hospices, nursing homes and assisted-living facilities.

I’ve trained with the notable end-of-life doula Deanna Cochrane to prepare for this role, with wonderful soul midwife Felicity Warner in the UK, and travelled to Canada to attend a week-long seminar with Stephen Jenkinson, of ‘Die Wise’ fame.

I’m originally from New Zealand, and arrived in Tampa, Fl, via Australia, London (UK), Little Rock, and New Orleans, and have worked in healthcare in all these places.

I take an intuitive, emotion-based approach to each death, rooted in my experience of previous dying processes. With each death, I learn more – each death is individual, unique of wisdom about dying. I believe that dying in a death-phobic society is usually traumatic, but that anticipated death doesn’t need to be traumatic. Embracing the reality of approaching death can help you review your past, and appreciate all life. I found Felicity Warners ‘The Soul Midwives Handbook‘ incredibly informative on this.

I’ve taken the alchemical symbol for transmutation as my logo, as I see death as a process of transfiguration